La bulle d’air developed an innovative approach to music, making it accessible to all children, regardless of their current skill level. It fully welcomes children with disabilities.

Cap loisirs welcomes and accompanies individuals with a disability (children and adults) in different types of activities, holiday stays and projects which it organizes throughout the year, in the context of free time, time off, weekends and holidays.

Autisme Genève informs and supports individuals affected by autism spectrum disorders (ASD). It seeks to defend the rights of individuals with ASD and their families, and organizes gatherings between parents and professionals. Autisme Genève is a local branch of the organization Autisme Suisse Romande (ASR).

Insieme-Genève defends the rights of individuals with mental disabilities, supports families and organizes holiday stays.

Pôle autisme aims to improve the comprehensive care of individuals affected by autism in Geneva and in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Their work focuses on partnerships in the private and public sectors to provide benefits to all.

In Switzerland

Maraval offers patients, their loved ones and professionals many forms of support, information and training on the topic of rare diseases.

Hamdi-Capable‘s mission is to help children and adults with disabilities break out beyond their limits. The organization wishes to give access to different therapies in order for parents to have more information, and therefore help their children to live life to the fullest.

OVA seeks to expand thetreatment of autism in Switzerland by offeringcomprehensive carebased on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). The organizationcontinuously organizesthe training of ABA professionals in order to intervene on a daily basis with regards to children presenting autistic disorders and pervasive developmental disorders (PDD). It offers comprehensive care through an adapted learning program via individual sessions and allows families with financial difficulties to access ABA comprehensive care.


The Feuerstein Institute  in Jerusalem is an educational, therapeutic and research Centre. It welcomes children of all ages, origins and handicap, and offers global, coordinated, comprehensive care overseen by a team of different specialists such as teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, and ergo therapists. All are trained in methods of cognitive remediation developed by Professor ReuvenFeuerstein, allowing children to learn how to learn.

Corsica is a network of neuropediatriccenters located in California. Established by Dr. Suzanne Goh, a neuro-pediatrician trained at Harvard, these centers propose innovative therapeutic approaches based on neurosciences and a model of excellence of comprehensive care of children presenting neuro developmental disorders.

Le neurogroupe strives to empower families to become the best allies of their childrens progress, thanks to trainings, conferences and creating a network of multidisciplinary specialists. It has created a multidisciplinarycare centre sors de ta case(out of the box).

First step is a method developed by Shai Silberbusch. It sheds a different light on the psychomotor development of the child. The approach is global and acts not only on the child but on the whole system around them, encouraging the child to find resources within themselves which will allow their self-development.

Puissance dys is an association dedicated to helping children with Dys(all the different cognitive disorders affecting learning) escape the spiral of failure, regardless of their age, nationality, social and cultural origin. It is also an international center of research on the improvement of neuroplasticity.

Akropaul provides relevant information on support available to newborns with Down syndrome as well as on therapies and approaches to put in place at different stages of their development.

Upbraining® is a learning method based on métapédagogie, which is helps children reach their full learning potential. This method can be applied by parents, teachers, educators, speech therapists, and enables these caregivers to dramatically advance the potential of the individuals  in their care.

Epsilon l’école is a network of certified, specialized and independent specialists in accompanying assistance and inclusive education specific to children with special needs. It aims to provide concrete answers to parents and professionals regarding inclusive education.

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