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One in five children has a developmental disorder at one point in his life, which represents approximately 1,000 new cases per year in the canton of Geneva [1].


Thanks to the fundamental contribution of neurosciences, we know today that the brain exhibits plasticity, meaning that it is possible to influence its development by creating new neuronal connections or by reinforcing existing ones. In order to form new connections, it is necessary for exposure to a stimulus to be frequently repeated. In this respect, several exposures of a few minutes per day, every day, are more efficient than a single exposure of one hour per week. Moreover, the younger the child, the more plastic is the brain.


Therefore, to offer the best chances of success, comprehensive care must occur as early as possible. In addition, it is essential that it be personalized, coordinated, intensive (frequency of the exposure) and that it integrates all the parameters having an impact on the childs development.


Individualizesupport can radically change the life path of children with special needs.


In Geneva, although much is done for children with special needs, families still face several major challenges:


  • lengthy waiting lists for therapists ;


  • a fragmented therapeutic landscape and therapists spread out geographically ;


  • no supervision or coordination of therapists ;


  • no comprehensive approach ;


  • no or little access to certain therapeutic methods; and ;


  • a lack of training and support for the accompanying caregivers.


As a result, parents lose precious time looking for information and qualified professionals, and often end up with care which remains insufficient.


To meet these challenges, the Fondation pour les Enfants Extraordinaires(FEE) proposes a model of early intervention, coordinated, individualized and intensive comprehensive care for children with developmental differences (psychomotor delays, genetic or non genetic developmental disorders, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, etc.)


This comprehensive care, focused on results, aims to optimize the potential of each child, to develop their skills, to allow for their autonomy, and to ensure their inclusion in mainstream schools and society.

[1] Source: HUG website
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The mission of the Fondation pour les Enfants Extraordinaires” (FEE) is to develop the full potential of children with developmental differences by stimulating their skills through an individualized approach focused on their needs. Founded in 2017, it is a registered charity in Geneva.

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Focused on coordination, integration, consistency and easing  the lives of families, the Foundation proposes the following services to children with developmental differences:


  • Comprehensive care provided at the FEE Centre
  • Accompanying children to school and pre-school (daycare and private schools)


The same therapist implements the individualized program of the child at the FEE Centre and accompanies them during external activities, daycare or school, in order to ensure continuity in the day of the child, reinforce his learnings and allow for generalization.


The comprehensive care at the FEE Centre and / or the school / pre-school accompanying support are intended first and foremost for children who cannot receive care elsewhere, either due to a lack of available space or because their diagnosis does  not meet the criteria allowing them access to existing specialized centers.



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